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'Cohexa' is your AI Scribe

Say goodbye to endless documentation

Based on a nationally representative survey, the average doctor spends 8.7 hours per week (16.6% of working hours) on clinical documentation.

The Issue

Note bloat’, a growing issue in clinical documentation denotes reduced clinical value due to excessive documentation. It not only diminishes documentation quality but also burdens clinicians when reading, potentially introducing errors.

Physician burnout poses a significant risk to the quality of healthcare, patient outcomes, and the overall well-being of the medical workforce. The annual societal cost of burnout, encompassing turnover and diminished productivity among U.S. physicians, exceeds $4 billion. The economic impact of burnout extends beyond the individual and organizational realms, affecting both turnover and productivity

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Research has shown that the integration of ambient listening and AI dictation contributes to a more transparent healthcare process. The efficient documentation of discussions also helps patients understand their treatment plans and actively participate in decision-making.


why 'Cohexa'?

Cohexa AI's note dictation system helps  in meticulously documenting physician-patient interactions,  ensuring the integrity of medical records. Minimizing the risk of errors, it safeguards patient care. This enhances decision-making for professionals, empowering them with accurate information.


Voice Commands

Cohexa Incorporates voice commands for common actions, such as creating new notes, adding assessments and problems, to improve hands-free usability.


Speech-to-Text Integration

Cohexa enables clinicians to speak into the app, converting spoken words into text in real-time. This feature enhances the speed and accuracy of note-taking during patient interactions.


Meet your new intelligent AI Scribe

Press 'Record' - Start your visit - Stop recording - End your visit - Edit your AI generated notes - Send to your EMR System.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Entity Recognition: Cohexa Implements NLP algorithms for entity recognition to automatically identify and highlight key medical terms, conditions, symptoms, and other relevant information within the text.


Template System

Customizable Templates: Cohexa allows users to create and customize templates based on their specialty or specific documentation needs. This ensures that notes follow a standardized structure while accommodating variations in medical practices.


Supercharge your Clinical note generation process.

Join us today and experience the power of AI-powered  Clinical Note creation for yourself!

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